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KA2 Erasmus : Europe In Change, STEAMing up towards the future(2016-2019)


Nieuws van de blogspot comenius 2011-2015 (mevr. Hoornaert)

Nieuws van de blogspot (3EM 2014-2015 in Zuid-Afrika)


Active@livinggreen (2013-2015) met LoudBlog en eTwinning en Googledoc

en computergame ecocraft 

In order to play the game -  First choose your language by clicking a flag.-   Click “spelen” or “play”. Should you want to skip the introductory games -

Click F1 to go to the game about water. Click F2 to proceed to the food game.

-          Click F3 for the energy game. Click F4 to play the waste game.

Good luck!) 


From LeonardoDa Vinci to the 2012 Olympics (2010-2012)

Legocat International (2007-2009)

Caring for the Environment (2003-2006)


China project (2013-2018)


Maths Seminar Bootle (2013-2017 )


Centenary Commemorations 1914-1918 (2013-2015)